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Vi har förhandlat fram de bästa priserna med de flesta båt och fiske charter företag på Ön och kan erbjuda våra kunder en " one stop lösning för att jämföra alla båtuthyrning priser, båt typ alternativ och resa alternativ. Vi erbjuder dig ett brett utbud av alternativ från 50 fot segling katamaraner till 18 meter motorbåtar. Det spelar ingen roll om du söker efter en båt för att fiska, snorkla, dyka eller även för en solnedgång kryssning.

När du hyr en egen båt charter kan du välja din egen resplan från ett brett utbud av tur alternativ. Gå dyka i kristallklart vatten, snorkla på de orörda vatten eller prova lyckan medan reef eller djuphavsfiske.

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Just 3 hours South of Miami lies the beautiful Island of Key West, which offers incredible fishing for all ages and levels. Chrystal clear water, white sand, and gentle waves make fishing in Key West pleasant all year round. Whether you’re an expert angler or a rookie looking to try your luck, the Key West area offers plenty of opportunity for fishing.

Key West’s deep sea fishing is world famous and is an amazing experience. Usually it’s done from a fighting chair on a larger boat outfitted with heavyweight fishing gear or you can use a stand-up belt if you prefer. You can also choose for light tackle offshore fishing depending on the boat. The offshore/trolling is second to none here in the late spring/early summer months. May, June and July are probably the best 3 months for landing that Mahi Mahi you have always wanted. We also see Wahoo, Tripletail, Barracuda, Blackfin tuna, and Billfish. The best time to land that trophy sailfish is in April, when we see a large migration throughout the Florida Keys. All ages are welcome, and whether you have never fished before or are an avid angler, our captains will always make sure you have a great trip!

Deep water wreck and reef fishing is the most common type of fishing charters in Key West. During these fishing trips most time will be will be spent anchored near a ship wreck or drifting over it with live bait. Most of the deep wrecks are within 15 miles from the dock. The most shallow wrecks are about 90 ft., and the deepest are in over 300 ft. of water. The fishing this way is very popular because of how consistent the action is. During the charter, you are in full control; holding the rod, feeling the bite, and hooking your own fish. Not only is the action great, but the pure size of fish they are landing is amazing.

Key West is home to some of the best and most diverse shark fishing in the world. With such a vast area of reef and tons of wrecks, the sharks are always lurking. You will see Bull sharks, Hammerheads, Lemons, Tigers, Sandbar, Caribbean reef, and even from time to time, we see Mako sharks. We often see and land fish well over 200lbs. Shark fishing is one of the favorite trips in the Keys. Most sharks are just catch and release but some can make great table fare or that once in a lifetime trophy.

The best time to catch a tarpon is during the early spring months. These tarpon migrate their way down to Key West by the thousands. Most of our tarpon are caught on live bait or chunked pinfish. Though purely a catch and release, fish tarpon put on quite a show tail walking and jumping out of the water. The permit can be found year round here in Key West. However, the best months for targeting permit are late spring to early summer. During this time, permits gather in massive schools to spawn on the reef and wrecks offshore. We typically “sight fish” for the permit and use live blue crabs as bait. Often times you can even watch them eat your bait, which can be very exciting.

The offshore/trolling is second to none here in the late spring/early summer months. May, June and July are probably the best 3 months for landing that Mahi Mahi you have always wanted. We also see Wahoo, Tripletail, Barracuda, Blackfin tuna, and Billfish. The best time to land that trophy sailfish is in April, when we see a large migration throughout the Florida Keys. All ages are welcome, and whether you have never fished before or are an avid angler, Captain Garrett Frey will always make sure we have a great trip!
  • Great day fishing the flats. Caught Permit, Barracuda and huge Tarpon. Captain and boat were great and made for a great day!

    Sep, 2019
  • Nice day snorkeling with my family of 6. The waters were calm And only 6 ft deep but the marine life was amazing. Even caught some lobster.

    Sep, 2019
  • Amazing trip deep sea fishing. We went about 20 miles offshore and found a weed patch were we caught tons of Mahi! Will do it again soon.

    Sep, 2019



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Populär fisk vi fångar in Key West

Key West


Riktiga namn: Dorado, Dolphinfish, Dolphin, Mahi-Mahi

Medelvikt: 3 lb. - 25 lb.

Toppvikt: 80 lb.

IGFA -rekord: 87 lb.

Vanliga namn: Dorado, Dolphinfish, Dolphin, Mahi-Mahi

The dolphin is one of the world's premiere offshore sport fish, found worldwide in tropical waters. When hooked, these colorful fish leap - often many times - before settling down to slug it out, turning their flat-sided bodies against you. The larger fish tend to pair up or run as individuals. Schools of fish often gather under and around weed lines and floating debris such as cardboard boxes, logs, boards and oil drums. Even tiny items such as coconuts and soda cans have the potential to hold dolphin. Dolphin grow quickly and spawn prolifically, and make excellent table fare.

Key West


Riktiga namn: Yellowfin Tuna, Allison Tuna, Backache

Medelvikt: 30 lb. - 70 lb.


IGFA -rekord: 388.8 lb.

Vanliga namn: Yellowfin Tuna, Allison Tuna, Backache

The Yellowfin is perhaps the most colorful of all the tuna. Found globally in tropical and subtropical seas, it's one of the world's most popular fish. Even small Yellowfin tax light tackle to the limits, and the brute strength of larger fish requires heavy stand-up gear. Not only great gamefish, Yellowfin are mighty tasty. This dual attribute causes anglers to travel thousands of miles to reach these 'destination' fish. Wherever found, Yellowfin tuna will have a following, both sport and commercial.M A pelagic species, Yellowfin are fond of deep blue water. In the Atlantic, they will be found in the Gulf Stream year-around. The flesh of this fish is light, not dark like the Bluefin or white like the Albacore. Yellowfin can sometimes be distinguished from near cousins, Blackfin and Bigeye Tuna, by their long second dorsal and anal fins, but not all individuals have this exaggeration. In a sense, Yellowfin are an eating-machine, putting on pounds like no other fish. A year-and-a-half old Yellowfin can weigh 8 pounds, and by its fourth year the fish will scale out at a whopping 140 pounds.

Key West


Riktiga namn: Great Barracuda, Common Barracuda, Cuda

Medelvikt: 5 lb. - 25 lb.


IGFA -rekord: 85 lbs.

Vanliga namn: Great Barracuda, Common Barracuda, Cuda

Sometimes reaching 6 feet long, the great barracuda is found in the Atlantic, the central and western Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. While reviled by some as bait and lure stealers, the great barracuda is an exciting game fish that will hit everything from live baits to flies. When hooked, the 'cuda makes sizzling runs and often jumps. Widespread and readily available, the 'cuda has salvaged many a fishing day by being the only fish that proved willing to strike.

Key West


Riktiga namn:

Medelvikt: 100 lb. - 500 lb.


IGFA -rekord:

Vanliga namn:

Of all the world's marine game fish, none is more celebrated or generates more excitement than the blue marlin. The fish of Hemingway's Old Man and The Sea fights with a strength that is only exceeded by that of the giant bluefin tuna, and often makes spectacular leaps when first hooked. Plus, there's something about the fish's sleek appearance, accented by a rapier bill, that inspires awe in even the most casual angler. Then, of course, there is the fish's size. Blue marlin weighing up to 1,400 pounds have been caught on rod and reel, and many experts believe that they attain even greater sizes (fish weighing over 2,000 pounds have reportedly been hooked and lost).

Although considered a heavy-tackle adversary, smaller blue marlin (100 to 300 pounds) make for excellent sport on 20- to 30-pound-class stand-up tackle and even fly gear. In some locations, at certain times of the year, fish of this size can be fairly numerous.

Key West


Riktiga namn: Sailfish, Spindlebeak, Pez Vela

Medelvikt: 16 lb. - 67 lb.


IGFA -rekord: 141 lb.

Vanliga namn: Sailfish, Spindlebeak, Pez Vela

Sailfish are memorable opponents. With a flair for the dramatic, they'll make a sizzling run and then jump their heart out. Many anglers revere the sailfish as the greatest light tackle quarry. These spectacular fish are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. Atlantic sailfish grow larger in the eastern Atlantic than they do along the Americas, where they average around 30 pounds. Pacific sailfish can top 200 pounds, but average closer to 100.

Key West


Riktiga namn: Wahoo, Oahu, Pacific Kingfish, Hoo

Medelvikt: 15 lb. - 30 lb.

Toppvikt: 125 lb.

IGFA -rekord: 155.5 lb.

Vanliga namn: Wahoo, Oahu, Pacific Kingfish, Hoo

Wahoo are found worldwide in tropical waters and are considered to be one the fastest -- and tastiest -- of game fish. These long, torpedo-shaped fish can grow to weights exceeding 100 pounds and can rip off line at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour, sometimes taking to the air in the process.


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